Private 11454 Thomas Whitehouse

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Killed in Action on Thursday, 15th October 1914, age 21.
Buried in Grave VIII. B. 17. at Vieille-Chapelle New Military Cemetery, Lacouture, Pas De Calais, France.

2nd Bn., Royal Scots. 8th Brigade of 3rd Division.

Son of Thomas Whitehouse, of 1, Coneygree Rd., Tipton, Staffs.
Born: Burnt Tree, Enlisted: Tipton, Resident: Unknown.

First landed France & Flanders, 11th August 1914.
Medal entitlement: 1914 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal.
Soldier's Papers at National Archives survived and transcribed.

Not commemorated on any Tipton memorial.
Commemorated here because identified as Tipton on 'Soldiers Died in the Great War'.

Link to Commonwealth War Graves Site: www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/280685/

Genealogical Data

1901 Census
1 Coneygree Road, Tipton, Staffs.
Thomas Whitehouse (46, Furnace Labourer, born Tipton), his wife Sarah (43, born Dudley), and their 5 children: Joseph (22, Cinder Labourer, born Tipton), Benjamin (18, Brickyard Labourer, born Tipton), Annie (13, born Tipton), Emma (11, born Tipton), and Thomas (7, born Tipton).

1911 Census
1 Coneygree Road, Tipton, Staffs.
Thomas Whitehouse (56, Labourer, born Tipton), his wife Sarah (53, born Dudley), and 3 of their 8 children: Annie (23, born Tipton), Emma (21, Factory Hand, born Tipton), and Thomas (17, Moulder, born Tipton).

Personal Data

Thomas's brother Benjamin Whitehouse was killed on 22nd August 1915 in Gallipoli serving with the Yorks & Lancaster Regiment.

Thomas Whitehouse attested in Royal Scots on 27th March 1913 for a period of 7 years, and a further 5 years in the Reserves. He was aged 19 years and 1 month old, 5 feet 3½ inches tall with a 37-inch chest, and weighed 133 pounds. He had blue eyes and brown hair, with a scar in the left angle of his mouth. He was unmarried, born in Burnt Tree, a Wesleyan by religion, and employed as a moulder.

A reference was given by Mr Frank Hawkins, an Iron founder of 60 Burnt Tree, who had employed him as a moulder for about 4 years from leaving school until he left that employ in February 1912. Mr Hawkins described Thomas Whitehouse as "Sober, honest and very orderly." His relatives were given as Thomas and Sarah Whitehouse (parents), and brothers Joseph and Benjamin (Benjamin was killed in 1915) of 1 Coneygree Road, Tipton.

He joined the Depot Battalion for training on 30th March 1913, and transferred to the 2nd Battalion of Royal Scots on 28th August 1913. His Regimental Employment Sheet states that during his time with the 2nd Battalion "he shows considerable determination of character. Honest and clean." His military character was noted as "Very Good". Both his Medical and Conduct Sheets were unblemished.

The Statement of names and addresses of relatives (post death) stated:
Thomas and Sarah Whitehouse of 1 Coneygree Road, Tipton,
Joseph Whitehouse, of Munition Huts, Dudley,
Sarah Whitehouse, 39, of Birmingham, Rachel Stuart, 38, of Munition Huts, Dudley, Mary Ann Bissel, 33, of Handsworth, Annie Jeavons, of Coneygree Road, Tipton, and Emma Dyke, 27, of Hopkins Street, Tipton.

Action resulting in his death

Still to be researched. Contact me if required.

Thomas's body was exhumed and re-buried in Vieille-Chapelle New Military Cemetery by 733rd Labour Company on October 10th 1919. His original burial location was "Harrow Road Corner Cemetery", approximately 1 mile north-west of the CWGC Cemetery where he is buried today. From the CWGC records it seems that the original location may have been a mass burial as the Burial Return says "1 cross with all particulars" and records 18 men of the 2nd Royal Scots.

Newspaper Cuttings

Tipton Herald October 9th 1915
Private Ben Whitehouse is the second of a Dudley Port family to give his life for his King and Country. His brother, Thomas Whitehouse, was killed in action in France during the latter part of last year.
Benjamin enlisted in the York and Lancaster Regiment at the outbreak of the war, and his widow has recently received official intimation of his death while serving in the Dardanelles, on August 22nd. Private Whitehouse leaves three children.