Surnames beginning L

Listed below are the 29 Tipton casualties whose surnames began with the letter 'L'.

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Surname Forename Rank/Number Regiment Date of Death
Labais Henri Pte 38868 4th South Staffs 11-Jun-18
Lambert Edgar Wilfred L/C R/2002 7th KRRC 24-Sep-17
Lamsdale Frank L/C 11015 2nd Worcesters 14-May-15
Lane George Percy L/C 17789 1st Worcesters 13-Mar-15
Lane John Spr 112640 Royal Engineers 21-Nov-15
Langston Samuel William Pte 15532 8th South Staffs 09-Aug-16
Lappage John L/C R/3160 10th KRRC 25-Jun-16
Latham Thomas Pte 9528 1st South Staffs 16-May-15
Lawley Job L/C 18411 7th South Staffs 06-Sep-16
Lees Meshach Pte 24308 3rd Bn., Grenadier Guards 28-Apr-18
Lemm Joseph Pte 66705 Machine Gun Corps 20-May-17
Lemm Joseph Henry Rfn 12046 9th KRRC 15-Sep-16
Lester Ernest William Spr 143703 Royal Engineers 12-Apr-18
Lester Harold Ernest L/C 13112 1st South Staffs 13-May-17
Lewis Arthur Pte G/52157 1st/8th Middlesex 16-Aug-17
Lewis George Arthur Pte 38835 2nd/4th Royal Berkshire 26-Oct-18
Lewis William Pte R/2518 10th KRRC 14-Oct-15
Littlewood Albert George L/C 15734 18th Lancs Fusiliers 01-Jun-18
Lloyd Arthur Pte 16565 1st Oxford and Bucks 06-Apr-16
Lloyd Edward John Cpl 2097 5th York & Lancaster 10-Jul-15
Lloyd Frederick Pte 39021 4th South Staffs 26-Apr-18
Lloyd J   not known  
Lloyd Leonard Pte 15109 1st South Staffs 23-Jun-17
Lloyd William Pte 49362 Labour Corps 21-Apr-17
Lotwick Joseph Pte PLY/31(S) RMLI 04-Jul-15
Lounds Stephen William Pte 2679 1st/6th South Staffs 13-Oct-15
Lovell David John L/C 15423 8th Royal Berkshire 25-Sep-15
Lowe Thomas Pte 3544 1st/6th South Staffs 13-Oct-15
Lythgoe Jeffrey Wentworth 2/Lieut 14th Royal Warwicks 22-Jul-16