Worcestershire Regiment

136 Tipton men died serving with the local Worcesters regiment, Dudley was at this time still a part of Worcestershire. The Worcesters were one of the few regiments at the outbreak of the war with 4 battalions of regulars.

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Battalion Casualties Type of Battalion
- 1st Battalion 22 Regular
- 2nd Battalion 25 Regular
- 3rd Battalion 26 Regular
- 4th Battalion 21 Regular
- 6th Battalion 1 Reserve
- 1st/7th Battalion 15 Territorial
- 2nd/7th Battalion 3 Territorial
- 2nd/8th Battalion 2 Territorial
- 3rd/7th Battalion 1 Territorial
- 9th Battalion 8 New Army
- 10th Battalion 8 New Army
- 11th Battalion 2 New Army
- 14th Battalion 2 New Army