Labour Corps

9 Tipton men died serving with the Labour Corps. The Labour Corps was formed in 1917, often the men were those who were below the medical standard required for infantry soldiers. Many of these men had previously served in infantry regiments but were no longer fit due to sickness or wounds.

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Surname Forename Rank/Number Regiment Date of Death
Biddulph John Pte 313798 Labour Corps 12 Nov 1918
Coley Joseph Pte 17244 Labour Corps 25 Dec 1917
Cox Arthur Pte 28333 Labour Corps 12 July 1918
Davis Samuel Pte 694966 Labour Corps 5 Apr 1920
Fletcher James Pte 294810 Labour Corps 21 Nov 1918
Jones Joseph Pte 514915 Labour Corps 1 Nov 1918
Pearce Joseph Pte 564180 Labour Corps 3 May 1919
Preece Richard Sgt 611381 Labour Corps 5 Nov 1918
Stone Harold Pte 16026 Labour Corps 21 Apr 1918