How is the site progressing?

This site has been many years in the making, as many people have reminded me.

It is not complete, but it is better to have the significant data available rather than wait until every 'i' is dotted, and 't' crossed.

What elements are complete?

  • Every man (and woman) identified has their own page
  • All indexes are complete, and point to the individual pages
  • The 'core' data (name, rank, number, date of death, place of burial/commemoration)
  • Genealogical Data - 1901 and 1911 census added where identifiable
  • Personal Data - All surviving Soldier's Papers (Burnt Series) are complete - as at November 2020. However there is a low percentage with surviving papers, this is especially poor for the South Staffs Regiment
  • Newspaper Cuttings - mainly from the Tipton Herald
  • Photographs of the Casualties - where I have a photograph  it is now displayed. I welcome any photograph you may have.

What elements are NOT complete?

  • Action resulting in his death - there are still approximately 50 casualties where this needs to be researched - as at April 2022
  • Photographs (graves) - most graves in France, Belgium and Italy have been visited and photographed. Where I have a photograph, it is now displayed. Surprisingly I have more outstanding in England that anywhere else.

What if this affects the man you are interested in?

If you are interested in a particular man and find the data is not yet completed, use the contact form. Efforts will be made to complete his entry as soon as possible.

Progress with photographs

Many of the photographs of the Tipton men were re-done in 2016 when a new source of photographs became available. This allowed their capture and display at 600 pixels height, and the process is complete. If I have a photograph it is now displayed.

I welcome any relevant photograph you have and would be happy to have used on this site.