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Shown below are 15 local memorials containing Men of Tipton. Not all the memorials are in Tipton, some are in adjacent towns reflecting the movement of people between the towns.

Selection of a memorial by clicking the image or title will display a page containing brief detail of the memorial, and the names of Tipton men commemorated. The names are selectable, and will then display the detail page for that man.

Many of the memorial photographs are courtesy of Derek Nicholls.

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 Tipton Library Memorial

          St. Mark's Church Memorial

         St. John's Church Memorial 

     Tipton Library Memorial (375)


         St. Mark's Memorial (66)


          St. John's Memorial (63)


      St. Matthew's Church Memorial


St. Peter's, Greets Green


       St. Matthew's Memorial (59)


     St. Peter's, Greets Green (37)


         Dudley Clock Tower (30)


      Park Methodist Memorial




Salem Chapel memorial




St. Luke's memorial

      Park Methodist Memorial (20)


     Salem Chapel Memorial (18)


         St. Luke's Memorial (17)


               St. Paul's, Golds Hill                     St. Augustine's memorial        Mission Church Memorial

         St. Paul's, Gold's Hill (15) 


      St. Augustine's, Tividale (11)


     Mission Chapel Memorial (11)


             Woodsetton Memorial           Dudley Grammar School memorial


 Horseley Heath Post Office memorial

        Woodsetton Memorial (8)


      Dudley Grammar School (9)


    Horseley Heath Post Office (4)