St. Paul's Chruch Memorial, Gold's Hill

St. Paul's Church is in Bagnall Street, Gold’s Hill; this is not in Tipton but just over the border in West Bromwich. Due to this location the memorial commemorates a number of men who can be considered Tipton men, generally from the Great Bridge area.

Listed below are those 15 men, although this memorial commemorates 74 men. The memorial can be found inside the church, and is a marble plaque with the names carved and coloured black.

Memorial St Pauls GH 96 415x700

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Surname Forename Rank/Number Regiment Date of Death
Ball John Henry Pte 107642 10th Notts & Derby 3 Nov 1918
Brookes Joseph Pte 40373 10th Worcesters 20 Sept 1917
Burton James Alfred Pte 16048 7th Wiltshire 24 Apr 1917
Butler Ernest William Spr 217560 Royal Engineers 27 Mar 1918
Capewell Harry Pte 536733 1st/15th London Battalion 28 Nov 1917
Clarke John Henry Pte 5566 3rd Coldstream Guards 18 Oct 1914
Hesson Job Cpl 13333 8th South Staffs 6 Nov 1916
Hope Bert Gnr 70890 Royal Artillery 1 Oct 1917
Howell Enoch Pte S/10021 1st Seaforth Highlanders 22 Feb 1917
Mantle Frederick Pte 32101 2nd South Staffs 28 Apr 1917
Mills George Sgt S/1869 12th Rifle Brigade 2 Apr 1918
Rudge Joseph Pte 8622 1st South Staffs 7 Nov 1914
Smith James Edgar Pte 41280 15th Highland Light Inf. 9 Sept 1917
Tromans Samuel Gnr 50999 Royal Artillery 11 May 1917
Walker Benjamin L/C 11173 5th Oxford and Bucks 25 Sept 1915