St. Matthew's Church Memorial

This well-loved memorial can be found in the main body of St. Matthew's Church, Dudley Road, Tipton. The memorial is cast with raised lettering and a polished copper surround. It commemorates 59 local men killed in the Great War, they are listed alphabetically.

There are 59 names but 4 have errors, the following list includes both the error and the correction so has 63 entries; an example of this is that WJ Baker should be JW Baker, both are listed. There is 1 name, J Lloyd, which has not yet been identified.

Memorial St Matthews 96 595x700

Clicking anywhere on a row will take you to the detail page for that man. Note that there are 2 pages on the list.

Surname Forename Rank/Number Regiment Date of Death
Allen Frank Herbert Pte 201561 2nd/7th Worcesters 24-Oct-17
Aston Alfred Pte 15493 7th South Staffs 07-Aug-15
Aston John Sgt 240147 1st/6th South Staffs 02-Jun-18
Aston Joseph Frank Gnr 94671 Royal Artillery 02-Jul-17
Attwell James Arthur Pte 7938 1st South Staffs 13-Nov-14
Baker Clifford Pte 31407 3rd Worcesters 11-Aug-17
Baker James Pte 2317 1st/6th South Staffs 02-Mar-16
Baker James William Pte 24084 7th South Staffs 04-Oct-17
Baker WJ Pte 24084 Error on Memorial  
Baldock Walter Thomas Pte 17760 7th South Staffs 10-Jun-17
Bateman A Pte 22766 Error on Memorial  
Bateman Bert Pte 22766 18th Lancs Fusiliers 22-Oct-17
Bates James Sgt 8739 10th Royal Warwicks 24-Mar-18
Beasley Alfred Pte 17726 1st South Staffs 15-Jul-16
Bourne Edmund James Gnr 144 Royal Artillery 18-Jul-17
Callaghan James Pte 16595 1st South Staffs 05-Nov-15
Cooper Joseph Pte 15479 7th South Staffs 09-Aug-15
Cox Samuel Joseph Pte 15436 7th South Staffs 08-Jun-17
Duffield John Pte 17787 7th South Staffs 10-Sep-16
Ford John Spear Cpl 201036 3rd Worcesters 19-Jun-18
Griffiths Elijah Pte 3926 1st/7th Worcesters 06-Apr-16
Griffiths Paul Pte 24336 1st South Staffs 04-Oct-17
Griffiths Sydney David Rfn 38250 6th Royal Irish Rifles 01-Apr-17
Gwilliams Luke Pte 15337 1st South Staffs 01-Jul-16
Hasdell Thomas Spr 132145 Royal Engineers 29-Jul-16
Hough John L/C 13029 3rd Worcesters 20-Sep-14
Hughes Alfred 2/Lieut Royal Engineers 01-Jul-18
Jeavons Daniel Pte 10576 2nd Worcesters 24-May-15
Jevons D Pte 10576 Error on Memorial  
Lemm Joseph Pte 66705 Machine Gun Corps 20-May-17
Lloyd Frederick Pte 39021 4th South Staffs 26-Apr-18
Lloyd J   not known  
Lloyd Leonard Pte 15109 1st South Staffs 23-Jun-17
Moore George Henry Pte 9145 1st South Staffs 07-Nov-14
Morris Arthur Pte 16/650 16th Royal Warwicks 12-Sep-16
Morris William Harold 2/Lieut 3rd Lincolnshire 23-Nov-17
Parkes George Pte 8069 2nd Worcesters 16-May-15
Paskin John Pte 9431 2nd South Staffs 27-Oct-14
Payton William Pte 1757 1st/6th South Staffs 13-Oct-15
Pearson William L/C 22332 2nd/8th Worcesters 09-Sep-18
Pearson William Cpl 12129 4th Worcesters 22-Oct-16
Perrins Harry Pte 12420 4th Worcesters 21-Jun-15
Potter Henry Samuel LSgt 2489 1st/6th South Staffs 13-Oct-15
Reynolds Harold William Pte 2178358 Canadian Infantry 19-Jul-18
Robbins William Ewart L/Bm 100114 Royal Artillery 26-Jul-18
Robinson James Edward Pte 45194 Machine Gun Corps 17-Aug-17
Sampson Alex Pte 40753 10th Lancs Fusiliers 10-Nov-17
Sargent Arthur Victor Gnr 101293 Royal Artillery 31-Jul-17
Saunders Edward Pte 24111 1st Worcesters 10-Feb-16
Skidmore George Edward Pte 9404 3rd Worcesters 26-Aug-14
Smith Charles Rfn 7728 7th Royal Irish Rifles 05-Dec-17
Smith Ernest Pte 4975 1st/6th Royal Warwicks 01-Jul-16
Tate Edward Daniel Pte G/8503 13th Middlesex 01-May-16
Taylor George Stanley Pte 8612 2nd Worcesters 16-May-15
Taylor Joseph Pte 241471 2nd/6th South Staffs 30-Nov-17
Taylor S Pte 8612 Error on Memorial  
Turner William Pte 17784 7th South Staffs 09-Sep-16
Walker William Pte 20597 10th Worcesters 03-Jul-16
Walton Harry Pte 201559 1st/7th Worcesters 13-Apr-17
Whitehouse James Pte 36042 4th South Staffs 27-May-18
Whitehouse Joseph Pte 16233 1st South Staffs 25-Oct-17
Wilson Albert Pte 15320 7th South Staffs 09-Aug-15
Wootton Frank Pte 203397 1st/5th South Staffs 14-Mar-17