Salem Congregational Chapel Memorial

The Salem Congregational Chapel was a non-denominational chapel which stood in Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge. The chapel closed in 1972 and was demolished two years later. Salem was an abbreviation for Jerusalem.

After the chapel closed, the memorial was stored in the Salem Hall (since re-named The Hub) which is used by the British Legion. The memorial is now in the care of St. Peter’s Church, Greets Green.

There are 18 names on the memorial including the only woman commemorated on a Tipton memorial - Louisa York who was killed in the zeppelin raid of 31st January 1916.

The memorial is a marble plaque with carved ‘drapes’ at each end, the names are carved and coloured black.

Memorial Salem Chapel 96 800x378

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Surname Forename Rank/Number Regiment Date of Death
Bell Thomas Pte 203211 1st/5th South Staffs 26 May 1917
Bragginton Elijah Pte 38523 1st Hampshire 24 Oct 1918
Edmunds Robert Pte 38619 1st Lancs Fusiliers 20 Nov 1917
Homer David Pte 295153 2nd/7th Manchester 22 Oct 1917
Homer Thomas Richard Pte 36040 4th South Staffs 28 Mar 1918
Hope Bert Gnr 70890 Royal Artillery 1 Oct 1917
Jones Benjamin Pte 28327 3rd Worcesters 10 Apr 1918
Labais Henri Pte 38868 4th South Staffs 11 June 1918
Lambert Edgar Wilfred L/C R/2002 7th KRRC 24 Sept 1917
Sayce William Pte 345043 2nd/8th Manchester 8 Oct 1917
Stanley Eustace Charles Pte 12054 8th South Staffs 5 July 1916
Warren Joseph Gnr 121501 Royal Artillery 28 July 1917
Warren Percival Pte M/303104 Army Service Corps 11 Aug 1918
Westwood Arthur Pte 36981 1st/5th South Staffs 29 Apr 1918
Williams Frederick James Pte R/9116 2nd KRRC 25 Sept 1915
Wilson Frederick Pte G/66018 1st/2nd London Battalion 22 Nov 1917
Wood Walter John Pte 14295 4th Coldstream Guards 1 July 1917
York Louisa Civilian Victim of Zeppelin raid 31 Jan 1916