T Jones

Commemorated on the Tipton Library Memorial.
Commemorated here because he appears on a Tipton memorial but cannot be identified.

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The Tipton Library Memorial commemorates T Jones; the 'Staffordshire Roll of Honour' records Pte T Jones, South Staffs. The 'Staffordshire Roll of Honour' has 3 men named T. Jones - 2 in the South Staffs and 1 in the Worcesters. I have traced one from the South Staffs and one from the Worcesters. I can find no other trace of another T. Jones in the South Staffs.

A lady got in touch, her grandmother's first husband was named Thomas Jones, and was killed in the Great War. This may well be the missing T. Jones, but despite the detail she gave, it has still not been possible to trace a suitable T (Thomas) Jones killed whilst serving with the South Staffs (or any other regiment).

The genealogical information was provided for this man who is possibly the missing T Jones.,

Thomas Jones, born 17th May 1879 in Bilston, eldest son of Thomas and Elizabeth Jones. Siblings Sarah Jane (born 1881, Bilston), Elizabeth (born 1886, Walsall), and John (born 1888, Great Bridge).

1881 Census
68 Temple Street, Bilston, Staffs.
Thomas Jones (39, Boat Builder, born Frankton, Shropshire), his wife Elizabeth (34 - age incorrect, born Gnossal), and their children Annie L. (12, born Welshpool), Thomas (2, born Bilston), and Sarah J. (2 months, born Bilston).

1891 Census
3 Dale End, Darlaston, Staffs.
Thomas Jones (49, Boat Builder, born Welshpool), his wife Elizabeth (32, born Gnosall), and their children: Thomas (11, born Bilston), Sarah (9, born Bilston), Elizabeth (4, born Walsall) and John (2, born Great Bridge).

1901 Census. Cannot trace Thomas Jones, but his parents were at:
Toll End Road, Tipton, Staffs.
Thomas Jones (59, Boat Builder, born North Wales), his wife Elizabeth (44, now born Tipton!), and their son John (12, born Tipton).

Thomas Jones (31, Miner, Bachelor) and Annie Elizabeth Jones (22, Spinster), were married on 1st October 1910 at St Martin's Church, Tipton. Their residence at the time of marriage was given as 55 Bridge Road, Tipton.

1911 Census
1 Court 4 House, Harrold Street, Toll End, Tipton
Boarding with Roseanna Cartwright were Thomas Jones (31, Miner underground, born Bilston), his wife Annie Jones (nee Jones, 22, born Worcester), and her child James Jones (2, born Wednesbury).

The first child of Thomas and Annie was Marian Annie, born 23rd August 1914. Thomas's occupation is given as Private in the 3rd South Staffs.

It is believed that Thomas was killed in the Great War, although I cannot find his details. His wife/widow, Annie, moved in as a lodger with her brother-in-law, but obviously the relationship flourished as they had two children, John William (born 4th September 1917) and Lilian Florence (Susan's mother, born 6th August 1920). The couple eventually married in September 1921, when Annie was described as a widow. This would suggest that Thomas Jones had been killed by July 1916 at the latest.

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