Christ Church Coseley Memorial

The beautiful Christ Church Memorial stands in front of Christ Church in Church Road, Coseley. Its form is Christ on the Cross, symbolic of suffering and sacrifice. 3 bronze plaques at the base of the memorial contain 124 names, and 20 of these relate to Tipton men commemorated on this site. These men were either born or were resident in Tipton, most often Princes End.

Coseley borders Princes End, and this is reflected by 10 of the 20 'Tipton' men commemorated on this memorial also being commemorated on the St. John's memorial in Upper Church Lane, Princes End. 3 of the 'Christ Church 20' are also commemorated on the Tipton Library memorial, and TR Homer and HN Parsons are both commemorated on 3 memorials.

The Christ Church graveyard has just a single burial from the 20 'Tipton' men commemorated here, that is George Hughes. However 4 'Tipton' men are buried in the Christ Church graveyard who are not commemorated here, they are Arthur Ball, William Morris, John Vincent and Richard WIlliams. Clicking on any of the names will take you to their web page.

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At the bottom of this page there are photographs of the 3 plaques showing the names of the men commemorated.

Clicking anywhere on a row will take you to the detail page for that man.

Surname Forename Rank/Number Regiment Date of Death
Elliman Edward Harold Pte 203225 7th South Staffs 1 Nov 1917
Evans Horace Pte 16413 18th Lancs Fusiliers 22 Oct 1917
Groom Thomas Pte 40154 1st North Staffs 31 July 1917
Gwilt John Pte 37095 8th Royal Berkshire 3 Dec 1916
Gwynne John Pte 31926 12th Hampshire 25 Apr 1917
Homer Thomas Richard Pte 36040 4th South Staffs 28 Mar 1918
Hughes George AB SS/5351 Royal Navy 24 July 1918
Lowe Thomas Pte 3544 1st/6th South Staffs 13 Oct 1915
Parsons Horace Norman Pte 325606 Worcesters Hussars 23 Apr 1916
Pearce Harold Sgt G/6494 7th East Kent 30 Sept 1917
Ratcliffe James Pte 75519 15th Durham LI 31 Mar 1918
Richards David Pte 16238 2nd South Staffs 24 Nov 1915
Titley Walter Cpl 35817 4th South Staffs 10 Apr 1918
Titley William Pte 3391 1st/6th South Staffs 15 Oct 1915
Tonks Benjamin Pte 16317 18th Lancs Fusiliers 11 June 1916
Tonks Isaac Pte 9319 1st South Staffs 4 Nov 1914
Wallens George Thomas Gnr 820978 Royal Artillery 10 Mar 1917
Wesson William Sidney Rfn R/14928 7th KRRC 11 Apr 1917
Wise John Arthur Sgt 11369 9th South Staffs 27 Sept 1918
Wylde George Henry Pte 3667 1st/6th South Staffs 13 Oct 1915

Photographs of the 3 plaques showing the names of the men commemorated.

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Memorial Christ Church Plaque2 96

Memorial Christ Church Plaque3 96