Private S/368211 Norman Davies

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Died Home on Sunday, 21st October 1917, age 47.
Buried in Grave XIII. F. 13. at Brookwood Military Cemetery, Brookwood, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Army Service Corps, 710th Company Mechanical Transport.
Formerly 12698 6th Royal Berkshire Regiment.

Son of Charles Edwin and Maria Anne Davies, of Tipton, Staffs.
Born: Tipton, Enlisted: Birmingham, Resident: Smethwick.

Never served abroad.
Medal entitlement: No medal entitlement.
Soldier's Papers at National Archives survived and transcribed.

Not commemorated on any Tipton memorial.
Commemorated here because identified as Tipton on 'Soldiers Died in the Great War'.

Link to Commonwealth War Graves Site: www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/398430/

Genealogical Data

1901 Census
7a Snow Hill, Birmingham.
William Spackman (67, Temperance Hotel Keeper, Born Wootten Bassett, Wilts), his wife Martha H. (58, born Bradinstoke, Wilts). One of their 3 visitors was : Norman Davies (30, Visitor, Warehouse Clerk, born Dudley Port).

1911 Census
192 Ash Road, Saltley, Birmingham.
Minna Diana Beard (46, Widow, born Little Comberton, Worcs), her 3 sons, and Norman Davies (40, Clerk, Motor & Cycle Trade, born Tipton).

Personal Data

Norman was born in Dudley Port in 1870, son of Charles Davies, a Grocer of 1 Horseley Heath, and Maria Ann. It appears both Norman's parents died in the 1890's, and in the 1901 and 1911 Censuses, Norman was boarding in Birmingham.

Norman enlisted with the Gloucesters in West Bromwich on 1st September 1914, signing up for one year as a Special Reservist with the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion. He was 44 years and 142 days old, 5 feet 6¼ inches tall with a 37-inch chest, and his Physical Development was noted as Good. He had blue eyes, dark brown hair and a dark complexion; a dog bite had resulted in scars on his right cheek and neck. He was employed as a Clerk, his religion was Church of England, and his brother Charles William Davies was noted as his next of kin with an address 'care of' Lloyds Bank, High Street, Smethwick. It was noted that Norman had previously served with the Rifle Brigade, and had been discharged as "invalided"'.

After just a week, on 9th September, Norman transferred to the 6th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment, training at Shorncliffe and Colchester. Despite having passed a Medical examination in September, Norman was discharged as 'Medically Unfit' on 23rd November 1914 due to 'Asthma and Rheumatoid Arthritis'.

This medical discharge did not seem to prevent Norman's desire to serve his country. No further Army records survive for him but we know that by 1917 he was serving with the Army Service Corps.

At the time of his death Norman had outstanding army pay and allowances of £2/13/5d (2 pounds, 13 shillings and five pence). This was not paid out but advertised as available for distribution; there is no record of it ever having been paid. His 'Soldier's Effects' papers record that he was not eligible for a War Gratuity, however a reduced rate was payable for Home Service but only after 6 months service. This suggests that Norman may have joined the A.S.C. during 1917.

Action resulting in his death

Although being discharged from the Royal Berkshires as 'Medically Unfit', Norman Davies later joined the Army Service Corps although no records exist to show when. He did not serve abroad at any stage of his service explaining the absence of a Medal Index Card, as medals were only awarded to those who had served overseas.

The 'Soldier's Effects' papers released on ancestry in 2015 show that Norman died in the Military Hospital in Endell Street, London. This was a famous hospital set up by militant suffragists Dr. Flora Murray and Dr. Louisa Garrett Anderson, and was staffed entirely by female members of staff, although the majority of patients were men. They specialised in head injuries and femoral fractures, although there is nothing to suggest that this was the reason for Norman being at Endell Street.

Norman is buried in Brockwood Military Cemetery, Surrey; his brother (Mr Charles Davies of 66 South Road, Smethwick) chose the words "The gift of God is eternal life" for his headstone.

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