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Tipton's Fallen of the Great War

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For a relatively small industrial town in the heart of the Black Country, Tipton suffered a heavy loss of its young men in the Great War; it was not alone in this.

In 1914 when war was declared, Tipton was a predominantly working-class town of about 33,000 inhabitants, dominated by coal mining and the metal industries. As well as sending its young men to fight, Tipton played a significant part in production for the war economy.

This web site

This web site attempts to perpetuate the memory of the Tipton folk who lost their lives in this conflict, and stands tribute to their sacrifice.

Each person has their own page, with detail varying from 'brief' to 'extensive'. The Menu Bar allows searching by Surname, Memorial, Date of death, Regiment, and by a general search facility.


The War Memorial in Victoria Park is in the form of an obelisk (often incorrectly called 'the cenotaph'), it does not record the names of Tipton's Fallen. Two sign-written oak panels in the Library act as Tipton's main Roll of Honour, and record the surname and initials of 375 men who died in the Great War.

A number of other memorials, mostly church-based, exist in Tipton, also a number of Tipton men are recorded on memorials in neighbouring towns.


Research started around the year 2000 as a personal attempt to identify those 375 men on the Library Roll of Honour, but has grown significantly and now includes 885 men and 1 woman (Louisa York). The data recorded has grown from a simple list of 'who, when, where' to a much deeper level of detail.

As well as the core data, there can be genealogical data, personal data, action resulting in death, and newspaper cuttings. Photographs will be added over time, most graves have been visited and photographed, but portraits are harder to acquire. If you have one, please let me know.

Why not try a page by clicking one of the photos on the right and see for yourself.

Who is commemorated here?

What is a Tipton man? A question rather like 'what are the boundaries of the Black Country'.

There can be many views as to who should be included on a Tipton Memorial, more detail of the definition used during this research can be found by clicking here.


All core data is complete and indexed. Click here for remaining progress.